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Aladdin – Closed

Alas, Aladdin has had to close early for financial reasons.  It is a real shame as it really was a great show with a great bunch of people working on it.  I’ve made some lovely new friends who I’m sure to keep in touch with and by and large the audiences have been fabulous (bar the odd idiot…).

We had everything possible thrown at us from company-wide illness to a cast member just walking away, power cuts mid-show to a Peterborough shortage of glitter!  Plenty of material for my autobiography…..!

Anyhow, goodbye Aladdin, it was fun!

Aladdin – more stuff…

Today is only my second day off since 14th December – 29 shows with only Christmas Day off!  I’m shattered!  Anyhow, it’s going really well and the show is still in fantastic shape.  Since Ray Quinn left us, Owen Thompson has been playing Aladdin and he has been wonderful.  It’s great working with him on stage, too.  The audiences have been wonderful although we always need more people to turn up!  Some shows are sold out but we can usually squeeze a couple more people in.  Also, we are closing a few days earlier on 13th January so get up/down/across whilst you still can!

We had a great New Years party here in Peterborough around at the Technical Managers house.  Much table tennis was played and larking about was at a premium!  With only a few days left to go now we are starting to gear up for our end-of-show parties, meals and nights out.  If you make it along to the show then come say hello and tag along!!!

Merry Christmas!!! And a panto update….

To everyone who regularly checks my site and to all newcomers and first timers – Merry Christmas!  I’ve had a great year this year with loads of new avenues of work opening up and plenty of new friends.  Thank you to everyone who has made 2008 a special year for me.

Panto is going well and after a hectic and tumultuous couple of weeks at work we are now settling down into a nice routine.  The company is lovely and we’ve had some fabulous nights out in and around Peterborough (or Pantoborough as I call it!).  I’ve especially made some very close friends who I know I will definitely keep in touch with.  The show still looks stunning so if you can make it to Peterborough – do come along!  Always more than happy to say hello to folk after a performance!

Aladdin – open!

Yesterday we had our first two previews of Aladdin and they went well considering how tired we all were!  In one of the most complicated technical rehearsals I’ve ever been involved with, everyone worked incredibly hard to get the show up and running.  I’ve had some lovely messages from people who have been to see the show and I always try to reply to them personally.  Thanks for the wonderful response!

Aladdin rehearsals

I’m now a week into rehearsals for Aladdin and it’s going well.  We’re bang on schedule and maybe even a little ahead.  I’m hoping to start dancing properly at the start of next week (I should add at this point that I was hospitalised last week with a poorly leg and have been on crutches ever since).  The cast are all great.  I’m living with Alex McNamara, Alex Bird and Holly Hughes in a lovely little house in a Peterborough supurb.  It’s been a riot so far!  Anyway, get yourself down to The Broadway Theatre in Peterborough for a visually fantastic panto!  Never has there been so much glitter in a pantomime – and that’s saying something!

Firework Fiesta – Peterborough

Last night I was down in Peterborough to set the fireworks off at East Anglia’s biggest display, the Firework Fiesta.  Despite getting DRENCHED in the monsoon-like weather it was really good fun and the celebrations weren’t dampened down too much!  It was nice to be able to meet up with some cast members, too.  Anthony Williams, Brian Capron, Gareth Richards and Daniella Valvano were all just as cold as me (Aladdin costumes have a lot of flesh on show!) but spirits were high and banter was rife.  I’ll be down there again on Thursday to turn on the Christmas lights in the Queensgate Shopping Centre – come on down and say hello!

The 2008 Tree-athlon in Manchester

What a day!  For my friend’s birthday (damn you Stu!) he decided that instead of having a party, he would make us all do a 5km run for charity in Heaton Park, Manchester.  Nice.  Well, not wanting to take the easy option of just running around the course, Scott Clarke and I decided to get dressed up and do it on jump stilts!  What fun!  It took us a lot longer to get around than most people, but we must have used more energy than everyone else put together.  Shattered now but, hey, the trees of Manchester will appreciate us!  For more information on the charity go to their website.  http://www.tree-athlon.org/


Francesca Larkin, Chris Clarkson, Stuart Rooker and Scott Clarke.


Right, along with my new projects of learning two new languages (not saying which ones until I’m half-decent at them!), I have been challenged by a good friend of mine, Fiona J Keats, with whom I’m doing panto this year, to learn the ukulele BEFORE PANTO STARTS!  I begin rehearsals on 17th November so need to crack on.  Can anyone tell me where I can get a cheap, decent ukulele and also any tricks to learning how to play it.  I hate losing a challenge so I need as much help as possible!  PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!!!!

Official Website News

I’m very chuffed to be able to say that for each of the last 4 consecutive calendar months the website has had over 1,000 hits.  In total there have been over 10,000 hits since the site’s inception nearly a year ago.  I’d like to personally say a big thank you to everyone who has helped update and manage the site for me for the last 12 months.  Also, to everyone from the 27 different countries around the world who have logged on!  Thanks!