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When and where you can see (or hear!) Chris in action


Current Adverts

Chris is appearing as the Dad in the new Halford commercial throughout 2018. He’s #ReallyReadyForSummer!  You can see the ad on this website by clicking here.


Chris is starring in a viral commercial for Samsung advertising their new AddWash washing machine.  You can see in on this website by clicking here.

Samsung Logo crop


Chris is also currently appearing in a online advert for car manufacturer Ford.


Current European Adverts

Chris is currently the lead in an advert for the fruity beer, Redd’s, utilising his background in magic by playing a street magician.  If you happen to be in Romania or Poland then do try to catch it!  If you’re not in Romania or Poland then you can watch the advert on this website by clicking here.


Hoover Guides

Over the course of the summer and autumn 2013 Chris filmed a series of How-To guides for domestic appliance giant Hoover.  If you have any Hoover appliances at home then log onto their website to learn more about how to maintain them, clean them and even utilise them more efficiently!  A few are also available on this site by clicking here.


Philips Infomercial

Chris is in a short infomercial about how to install Philips recessed spots.  It was for use in Belgium only but you can see it by clicking here.

Philips Logo



Due to Non Disclosure Agreements not all events and bookings are listed here.

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