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Focus12 Charity Ball

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being the Master of Ceremonies at the Focus12 Charity Ball in St Edmundsbury Cathedral.  Focus12 is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity  that I have helped raise money for before, some of you may remember me jumping out of a plane for them in 2011.  Anyway, this time I had much less wind in my hair as I drove down to Bury St Edmunds and donned my dinner suit and black tie.  The cathedral is nearly 500 years old and it is only the second time in it’s history that they have given permission for an event such as this to be held there.  Quite an honour.

The evening was packed full of entertainment and, given that we were on his turf, it was Focus12 Ball 2015 (12)started by Reverend Canon Matthew Vernon saying grace.  Dinner was interspersed by various games like the Golden Raffle Ticket and True or False, and after dinner we had an auction then a spot by Mentalist Doug Segal.  Following him Paolo Morena took to the stage (he’s a fabulous live loop artist) and then everyone hit the dance floor to party the night away along to Booty and the Beatz.  All in all it was great fun!

There were many moments I’ll treasure forever; having fun with my friends Sue and Sarah (see below!), watching the performers, listening to the tear jerking speech from someone who had used Focus12, and the stunning location, but the thing that will always stick with me is watching Reverend Vernon having a full on boogie to Dancing Queen by ABBA all of 5 metres in front of the pulpit where he would be addressing his congregation a few short hours later – priceless!  Certainly a time for ‘from the ridiculous to the sublime’!

***UPDATE – 15th March – I’m told we raised over £25,000 from this event, absolutely over the moon!!***

Focus12 Ball 2015 (17)    Focus12 Ball 2015 (16)Focus Charity Ball Flyer

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