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Two new adverts

Potentially my busiest month on record.  Coupled with the usual castings/auditions, trying to get down to Leicester to watch my beloved Tigers play, seeing my Mum and Grandma for Mothering Sunday and attending my weekly pub quiz, I’ve been terribly busy with work.  Which is, of course, great – I’m not whinging at all!  What with my better half being away on tour at the moment I’m always trying to keep myself occupied and March has been far from dull.  Along with 6 magic gigs, 3 trips to the theatre, 2 street theatre shows, getting new headshots taken and lots of prep meetings for events in April, I’ve also filmed 2 new commercials.

First up I filmed a new Samsung viral for their new AddWash Washing Machines.  They’re surprisingly nifty bits of kit which allow you to add stuff to the Samsung Logo cropwash (not just a clever name!) after the cycle has started and they can also be controlled by your smart phone.  The advert features myself and my daughter (played by a lovely young lady called Leela) in our laundry room and was beautifully shot for Rogue Films by director Nicholas Barker.  What with it being a viral it will only be appearing on the internet for (as it stands) 1 year.  It will, however, be shown worldwide so that’s really quite cool!

The second advert that I filmed is for the UK and was for popular cereal Alpen.  We had a long old shoot day and my wife (Sophia Jackson) and I ate somewhere iAlpen Logon the region of a whopping 20 bowls of Alpen each over the course of the day!  When the 1st AD called ‘That’s lunch, people’ Sophia and I looked at each other wistfully knowing we were both already stuffed full of granola goodness!  Our young daughter, Rosie, was a delight to work with and the three of us had a real giggle throughout the day.  The commercial will be aired in 2 bursts of 8 weeks over the next 12 months (with the first burst scheduled for May all being well).  Links to both ads will be on this site as soon as they are ready (I haven’t seen them yet, only the raw footage from the shoot days themselves).

Now all that’s left to add is that I’m hoping April will be just as good as March (and knowing my agent I don’t see why it shouldn’t be!).  *crosses everything*

The Alpen cast

Sophia Jackson, Rosie and Chris Clarkson


    • Kate on Tuesday 29 March 2016 at 3:37 pm
    • Reply

    Ay up me duck.. Can’t wait to see your latest productions! Xxx

    • Adele Aburrow on Friday 1 April 2016 at 3:29 pm
    • Reply


    we did have a lot of fun didn’t we me especially
    I loved filming with you.
    I’m so excited for when the advert come’s out.

    love from



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